As a pioneer in introducing the concept of “Automotive Hospitality” in India, our primary aim is to create an improved client experience which in turn would increase sales and an enhanced Brand Reputation! As luxury Client Servicing Experts, we understand that along with the product, it is imperative for global brands to create a luxury experience, manage customer perceptions while following a consultative selling process. A Brand’s Pride should be reflected in the values of every salesperson interacting with a client thereby leaving an impact and a strong sense of brand recall.


Since a car is frequently the second most expensive thing that people buy (behind their house), the purchase is really more of an occasion, filled with emotions and expectations than a mere event. The customer now has a lot more choice and a lot more experience with great customer service, both of which places the burden on dealerships to provide exceptional customer experiences. Our programs are designed to cover Dealer Principals, Sales Managers/GMs, and Sales Consultants. Along with the product, it is imperative for brands to manage customer perceptions & experience towards the negotiations process, the salesperson they interact with, the delivery process, and the dealership facility.

Key Points

  • Running Diagnostics
  • Defining Objectives/Scope of Work
  • Content Creation
  • Delivery of Interventions
  • Mystery Shops
  • Health and safety issues
  • Project Review